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How to Objectively Measure Prosecution Performance

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All of the metrics currently used to measure corporate and law firm prosecution performance suffer from the same deficiency: they are highly dependent on the difficulty of the assigned examiner. At the extremes, this is obvious and expected. Everyone expects a law firm working primarily on software applications to have a lower allowance rate than one focusing on medical devices. However, examiner behavior can vary drastically even within a single art unit, meaning that a few rounds of bad luck could significantly affect a law firm’s statistics, particularly if it is small.

Learn how to overcome examiner behavior variability and objectively measure prosecution performance.

Topics discussed include:

  • The problems with relying on allowance rate
  • Examiner variability at the USPTO and the impact on prosecution performance
  • How to objectively measure and manage outside counsel
  • How law firms can prove they are outperforming the competition




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