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Previously Recorded Webinar: Bringing Clarity to Qi Patent Landscape 

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About the Webinar

In various technology sectors, patent declarations are typically insufficiently reported. Only ETSI, which oversees the cellular telecom technology spaces like 5G and 4G, strictly mandates its members to declare any patents that are potentially essential. However, for Qi wireless charging no patent declaration database exists, and patents listed in the Via LA Qi patent pools reflect less than have of the worldwide Qi patents. Consequently, the SEP portfolios of many of the large patent owners are missing. With absent data and incomplete information bridging the SEP data gap is challenging and not straightforward.  

In this webinar we discussed: 

  • An analysis of the current Qi patent landscape and its major players: Qi patent licensors and Qi licensees 

  • The current state of the Qi SEP licensing market 

  • Exploration of new industries adopting Qi technology and the impending IP challenges they may face. 

  • Discussion on the barriers to Qi technology adoption and whether advancements like Qi 2.0 will significantly alter the game.

  • Predictions for the future: the possibility of all smart devices transitioning to wireless charging in the next five years and the implications for SEP licensing and litigation in an increasingly Qi-dependent world.  


Tim Pohlmann
CEO and Founder LexisNexis® IPlytics