On-Demand Webinar:

How Classification Works at the USPTO and the Impact on Prosecution Outcomes


We all know that some art units are more difficult than others, so just knowing which art unit your application will be assigned to can give you better insight. This in-depth art unit insight allows you to know your chances of ending up with a fast, medium or slow examiner in that art unit. It also helps you understand the likelihood of if, and when, your patent application will be granted. But perhaps, even more importantly, it helps you understand why  your application was assigned to that art unit and allows you to potentially redraft your application to increase your chances of being assigned to a different art unit. 

The art unit to which an application is assigned can have a significant impact on the prosecution outcome - for better or worse.

Listen to this webinar discussion with experts who do classification for the USPTO to understand how, and why, applications are assigned to certain art units and the changes you can make to  positively influence the path of your patent application.

Topics that were discussed:

  • Understanding how changes to the invention's description and claims could change where the application is assigned at the USPTO

  • Taking patent drafting to a higher level with customized drafting guidance

  • Obtaining the best patent in the shortest amount of time with exclusive insight on which art units have more favorable examiner allowance profiles



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