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Powerful Patent Analysis: LexisNexis PatentOptimizer®

Discover the tool built for better patent drafting and dissection of issued patents

One tool can help you develop consistent, concise patent claims and serve as a critical quality control check with complete error reports to help you avoid Section 112 rejections.

Created by patent attorneys for patent attorneys, our patent application software streamlines patent analysis and serves as a critical quality control check when drafting patent applications or dissecting issued patents:

  • Check for proper antecedent basis or possible lack of support in the disclosure, adequate support in the drawings, terminology for court rulings and consistency in part labeling and numbering
  • Conduct patent clam analysis of art in litigation to assess potential areas of weakness and form effective litigation strategies
  • Create a complete patent claim analysis and error report with a single click to identify claim issues, drawing reference anomalies, improper term and phrase usage. Generate pre-populated USPTO Patent IDS forms and more
  • Avoid Section 112 rejections from the USPTO


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