Previously Recorded Webinar: Don't Be Blindsided - How a Competitive IP Intelligence Program Can Protect Your Company 

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About the Webinar

Without visibility into your competitors' IP landscapes, your company is vulnerable. New patent filings or strategic acquisitions could disrupt your business plans overnight. How do you identify threats before it's too late? Benchmark your IP portfolio against the competition? In this webinar, we discussed best practices for building an effective competitive intelligence program that protects your company:
  • Proactive monitoring techniques to continuously track competitor patent activity so you aren't caught off guard by new filings or grants 
  • Methods to deeply analyze competitors' patent portfolios to find weaknesses you can exploit and strengths you must overcome  
  • Ways to clearly communicate competitive findings to decision-makers so your company can swiftly act against threats and opportunities 

Without a competitive IP intelligence capability, your company flies blind.