Uncover your data with

LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®

What would it mean to your company if you could quickly and immediately identify every at-risk patent application to help you practice more precise, effective patent prosecution?


PatentAdvisor™ is a powerful suite of patent analytics services that offers a data-driven, systematic approach to patent prosecution budgeting, IP portfolio management, evaluation of external IP counsel and patent prosecution. It gives you accurate and reliable feedback on what to expect so that you can build a stronger strategy.

Corporate IP departments can leverage the predictive analytics of PatentAdvisor to:

  • Deliver accurate and timely IP budget forecasts
  • Reduce the number of office actions to obtain a patent
  • Compare the efficiency of outside counsel

PatentAdvisor provides a way to better understand, diagnose and measure the cost of patent prosecution. With clear, visual cues outlining the points at which low allowance rates and high numbers of office actions intersect, PatentAdvisor delivers a competitive advantage to companies that want to practice more efficient patent prosecution.


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