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Garbage In / Garbage Out: The Need for Comprehensive and Clean Data for Patent Research 


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About this CLE webinar:

In the dynamic landscape of patent practice, the role of data has emerged as a cornerstone for informed decision-making. Whether you’re an adept outside counsel or a resourceful in-house patent practitioner, the significance of data quality cannot be overstated. This presentation delves into the critical synergy between comprehensive and "clean" data and its profound impact on patent practitioners’ effectiveness and ethical responsibilities. 
The webinar aims to equip patent practitioners with a deep understanding of the pivotal role that data plays in their professional journey. At the heart of this discussion lies the imperative of data being not only extensive but also meticulously accurate, devoid of errors, unambiguous, and harmonized. The implications of these attributes extend far beyond efficiency—they intertwine with the ethical fabric of the profession, aligning with the Rules of Professional Conduct in many jurisdictions. 

Key Highlights: 

  • Data Integrity as a Pillar of Technological Competence: Gain profound insights into the evolving landscape of patent practice and its inseparable connection to data. Explore the correlation between data quality and the responsibilities of technological competence, as mandated by legal ethics and professional standards. 
  • Comprehensive and Accurate Data for Informed Decision-Making: Discover the transformative potential of reliable data in shaping patent prosecution strategies, identifying trends, and making well-informed decisions. Uncover how "clean" data can catalyze precision, innovation, and strategic advantage. 
  • Ethical Imperatives and Professional Responsibility: Delve into the ethical underpinnings that govern patent practice. Understand how embracing high-quality data aligns with the Rules of Professional Conduct, specifically exploring Comment 8 to Rule 1.1. Gain insights into the ethical obligations of leveraging technology and its associated benefits and risks. 
  • Navigating the Technology-Data Nexus: Embrace a holistic view of technology that extends beyond its functional aspects. Grasp the nuances of understanding the benefits and risks of data-centric technologies, creating a seamless synergy between technical acumen and ethical responsibility. 



David Dilenschneider
David Dilenschneider
Client Relations Consultant
LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions

As a Client Relations Consultant, David Dilenschneider not only monitors the legal industry to identify trends and potential future developments but also consults with firms and corporations across the country to discuss their challenges and needs. 
David is a nationally-known speaker who has conducted over 2,800 presentations to over tens of thousands of attendees across the country – including presentations to almost every firm in the NLJ 250. David has also presented at programs offered by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy and has served as a speaker or moderator at prominent legal-education conferences, at bar association meetings, and at law schools. Internationally, David spoke on the topic of the Democratization of Knowledge and the Role of Electronic Legal Research at a conference held at the National Law University, Delhi (India). 
Related to his speaking engagements, David writes frequently about the utilization of electronic resources in the practice of today’s litigator. He has co-authored an extensive article about docket utilization for Law360. In addition, he is the co-author of a chapter (“Selecting and Retaining an Expert”) in Litigators on Experts: Strategies on Managing Expert Witnesses from Retention through Trial (published by the ABA) and has authored (or co-authored) articles published in ALM’s The Corporate Counselor, ALM’s Legal Tech Newsletter, BNA’s Expert Evidence Report, in Expert Alert (a publication of the ABA Section of Litigation Expert Witness Committee), at the Expert Witness Committee’s website, in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, and in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. He is also a co-author of a White Paper titled “Finding and Researching Experts and Their Testimony." Finally, David has recorded a podcast on researching experts for the Sound Advice Audio Library (of the ABA Section of Litigation).