Impact of USPTO Examiners On Prosecution Outcomes

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The Impact of Examiner Interviews on Prosecution Outcomes


Examiner interviews are one of the most powerful tools to help both inventors and examiners understand and overcome specific issues during prosecution. Direct discussions between an applicant and an examiner can help bridge the gap between misunderstandings of prior art, the invention or statements in the specification.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

A study conducted by Dr. Sean Tu on Patent Examination and Examiner Interviews
Patent examiner interview trends and what they mean for you
How to properly leverage examiner interviews to improve prosecution outcomes
Possible solutions for encouraging more examiner interviews at the USPTO


Webinar Panelists
Shine Tu square crop megan_photo Gene Quinn

Dr. Sean Tu
WVU College of Law

Megan McLoughlin
Product Director
LexisNexis® IP

Gene Quinn
Founder and CEO


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