Patent Quality: It's Now or Never

White Paper

Patent value can be understood to mean many things. However, since the America Invents Act (AIA) was passed in 2011, the importance of patent quality has been heightened significantly.

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  • Meeting legal standards for patentability: In the current landscape, strong and defensible patents must do more than advance technology or approach a certain market value for innovation
  • Specific rejection types: Including patent utility (section 101), patent novelty (section 102), non-obviousness (section 103) and adequate/enabling written description (section 112) in patent claim drafting
  • Impact the AIA has had on common practices: Detail into pre-issuance submissions and post grant review petitions—in an effort to re-frame patent attorneys' overall approach to prosecution and patent litigation


A patent that fails to meet the legal requirements for patentability can never be a quality patent, regardless of your perspective in determining quality.

Brian Elias, Director, IP Product Planning LexisNexis