Previously Recorded Webinar: Mastering the Art of Innovation – Insights from IP Leaders at the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies

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About the Webinar

In this webinar, we explored the intricacies of successful innovation strategies and the pivotal role of IP departments in shaping them. In an open discussion with IP experts from leading companies featured in the “Innovation Momentum 2024: The Global Top 100” report by LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions, Gene Quinn of IPWatchdog explored the ‘art’ of creating – and measuring – innovative power. The starting point is LexisNexis’ methodology, which is based on a scientifically rigorous method of assessing patent strength and which provides an unbiased way of identifying innovators that have outperformed their peers in the previous two years – referred to as companies with ‘innovation momentum’. 
Gene welcomed IP experts from IBM, Lumus, Regeneron, and InterDigital, all featured in our 2024 “Innovation Momentum: The Global Top 100” report. Together, they explored these topics: 
During this webinar, the panel discussed:
  • How to measure ‘Innovation Momentum’
  • Company-specific IP strategies and the intersection with overall innovation strategies
  • The role of IP analysis in identifying future acquisition targets
  • Defining success in patent quality and maintaining a growing yet high-quality patent portfolio