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Patent Strength trend in the Foldable-display industry

Gain insights into a technology field that has been creating immense hype recently

Thursday, July 11
12:00 PM EST

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6:00 PM CET

Learn how the field of foldable display technologies evolved over the years. Gain insights into the competitors in the field and what they are focusing on, individually.

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How many of the top 10 companies that are developing this technology can you name correctly?

When did there start to be a surge in filings under this technology?

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2019/07/11 12:00 PM EST

What You’ll Learn


Scan the Worldwide Technology Landscape of Foldable displays

Create Deep Analysis for Board Room Presentation

How to Identify prospective suppliers and competitors

Which aspect of the technology are your competitors focusing on

How to Leveraging Clean Data and Intelligent Analytics

Find Key Patents and Critical IP Issues


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About The Presenter

Julian Krall
Senior Consultant at LexisNexis PatentSight

Julian is a member of PatentSight's Consulting & Customer Success team. His experience in consulting, the retrieval and processing of big data, especially in the field of patent analytics, has helped in successfully completing many different projects delivered to Fortune 500 and DAX companies. As a strategic consultant, he has helped in the transition of patent departments to turn from an administrative patent function into an internal consulting unit.

PatentSight’s customer success team,is the market leader when it comes to understanding customer needs and challenges. “PatentSight Customer Success goes a great distance to understand our business and our pain points. Their support is outstanding and they really help us generating value” – quote from a recent customer survey that summarizes the work of PatentSight’s Consulting & Customer Success team.

Additionally, Julian is the Head of the Applicant Harmonization team since 2014, which delivers state-of-the-art patent ownership data, in bulk, on a weekly basic.


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