LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® provides actionable data and analytics to help you improve your clients' patent prosecution outcomes.


Market your firm to its fullest potential to prospective clients and earn more business from current clients with the all new proprietary LexisNexis PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ and real-time and fully-customizable Benchmarking Reports™.

Efficiently manage your resources by identifying cases that require extra care and a carefully crafted prosecution strategy, with the exclusive Examiner Lottery Framework™ metrics that predict examiner behavior.

Improve patent prosecution with actionable data and analytics framed within the context of the entire patent office to support your patent prosecution strategy.

Better manage your entire portfolio more effectively with visualization and filtering tools.


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Easily and Objectively Measure Prosecution Performance

The all new Benchmarking Reports™ provide reliable comparisons of law firms and corporations by taking examiner difficulty out of the equation and scoring purely for efficiency with the proprietary PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™.


Benchmarking Reports

Easily and objectively prove where your firm outperforms the competition with the all new real-time Benchmarking Reports that are fully-customizable. The exclusive PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score levels the playing field by taking examiner difficulty out of the equation and scoring purely for efficiency. The PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score leverages the proprietary PatentAdvisor Smart Detection SystemTM to provide the best accuracy available.


PatentAdvisor ETATM

ETA™, exclusive to PatentAdvisor, is the single most informative metric for predicting Patent Examiner behavior. This color-coded metric predicts both the likelihood and difficulty of obtaining a patent. Now you can easily, and with more accuracy than ever, predict your assigned examiner’s behavior so that you know how to adjust your prosecution strategy accordingly for each type of examiner—red, yellow and green.


Examiner Lottery Framework

Built upon ETA, these new metrics provide transparency into the USPTO, never before available. The ETA Distribution™ shows the current makeup of patent examiners and the Lottery Map™ shows the likelihood of being assigned to a specific type of examiner for an art unit, tech center group or tech center.



Access the most robust application details anywhere so that you can predict examiner behavior and adjust your prosecution strategy. Key details include Examiner’s ETA, the average number of office actions and the average time to allowance.