From the IP department to the boardroom
How IP intelligence and data analysis will enable commercially focused decision making.

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Host and presenters

Cosmonauts - Richard Lucas
Richard Lucas
Cosmonauts - Alex Tame
Alex Tame
Head of Licensing & IP Management
Cosmonauts - William Mansfield
William Mansfield
Director Consulting and Customer Success
PatentSight® - A LexisNexis Company
Cosmonauts - Robin Cefai
Robin Cefai
Senior IP Attorney - EMEA

Ask any manager within your organization what he or she would need in order to ensure future growth of the company, and odds are that most of the answers will evolve around Data Intelligence.

It’s the common consensus: data is this century’s treasure. But what is the role of Intellectual Property data intelligence in driving company growth or evaluating corporate strategies, like mergers and acquisitions? And: what could your future role be in the decision making process of your company – as the owner of all this valuable data?​

In today’s webinar, we take a closer look at the role patent analytics play in defining M&A strategies and we compare the perspective of a large corporation with the very different perspective of a small company or start up.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • The starting point - identification of the technical gap and the ‘Buy or Made decision’
  • Analysis - which companies should we be looking at and do we find these?
  • Output - feed to Corporate M&A process for further investigation of the other aspects of the company
  • The value of IP - in this process and the difference between large corporations and small companies in this respect

This webinar is a cooperation with Cosmonauts.