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Patent Analytics Seminar 2020
Accomplished IP and data experts share their view on the importance of patent intelligence for innovation

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George Tsatsaronis-2
GEORGE TSATSARONIS - Elsevier Data Science
Joakim Isaksson-1
Paul Hylarides-1
PAUL HYLARIDES - Arnold & Siedsma (winner of the “Benelux Trademark Attorney Firm of The Year Award 2020”)

Ask any manager within your organization what he or she would need in order to ensure future growth of the company and odds are that most of the answers will evolve around data intelligence.  

But what are the most recent possibilities of data analysis and in what direction are we headed? What is the role of Intellectual Property data in driving company growth? What are big corporations like Philips doing in that respect? Or - if you’re just getting started with IP data analysis - ; what are the challenges you are bound to run into?

A scientific authority, a corporate giant and an award-winning legal expert in this field are about to let you in on their secrets.

The speakers at are all experts in the innovation and/or IP field and they will share with you their views on the growing importance of patent intelligence in driving company growth. They will do this from a corporate perspective (Philips), via the scientific approach (Elsevier) and from a legal angle (Arnold & Siedsma).

Find out:

  • Which data sources Elsevier uses to monitor the trends in science and how this kind of data helps to speed up innovation
  • How Philips uses Intellectual Property data to generate insights in the rapidly changing technological and competitive landscape
  • How relevant IP data can be in the board room