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On-Demand Webinar:

Using Patent Analytics to Identify Innovation Growth Areas:
A deep-dive analysis of innovation in the air taxi space

About the Webinar

Patents are forward-looking indicators of where a company is planning to, or already, focusing its innovation efforts. Not only can you see where a specific company is focusing innovation efforts, but patent analytics can identify entire industries that are growing at rapid rates. During this webinar, we discussed key findings from a deep-dive analysis performed by Kolin Schunck at Lufthansa Innovation Hub specifically on the air taxi market landscape. 

This webinar is meant for all who work at the forefront of innovation in the travel and mobility sector, specifically those trying to take electric transportation to the third dimension.

Learn more about how patent analytics help to identify key areas of innovation.

During the webinar, we discussed:

Startups with an impressive technology base
Growth is shown by patent metrics
Current technology leaders and promising startups in the field

Webinar Panelists




Gene Quinn

Kolin Schunck

Research and Intelligence Analyst,
Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Carsten Guderian

Senior Project Leader, LexisNexis 

Gene Quinn

Founder and CEO, IPWatchdog, Inc.


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