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What You Can Learn from the World’s Leading Innovators

About the Webinar

Lexis Nexis® Intellectual Property Solutions recently published a brand new report to recognise the world’s leading innovators. “Innovation Momentum 2022: The Global Top 100” uncovers forward-looking technological developments and spotlights true innovative contemporaries across all industries. The unique methodology captures the Innovation Momentum over the last two years and rewards technology companies with well-maintained portfolios, while recognising highly specialised technology drivers with exceptional relevance in their focus areas.

In this webinar, the speakers discussed:

  • The methodology behind the report
  • Companies on The Global Top 100 list who show exceptional Technology Relevance for the future and / or are outperforming their peers
  • What we can learn from these leading innovators; how do they differentiate themselves from the competition?
Gil Perlberg-1



Gil Perlberg
Independent IP Development Executive


Peter Berg Infineon-1


Peter Berg
Senior VP Intellectual Property
Infineon Technologies AG


Christos Ioannidi
Head of Portfolio Strategy
InterDigital, Inc.
William Mansfield Books
William Mansfield
Head of Consulting and Customer Success, LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions


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