Qi Wireless Charging Patent Race

Previously Recorded Webinar: Who Leads the Qi Wireless Charging Patent Race? 

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Power Up Your Knowledge of the Qi Wireless Charging Patent Landscape

Wireless charging is going mainstream with over 1 billion Qi-enabled devices sold. As Qi becomes the standard for wire-free charging in smartphones, wearables, furniture and more, there is increasing potential for SEP royalty revenue. 
During the webinar we discussed:
  • The state of Qi SEP licensing - current adoption, achievements, challenges and future outlook
  • New industries adopting Qi and how IP professionals can adapt to new SEP licensing demands 
  • What's blocked past Qi usage and whether Qi 2.0 will be a game changer
  • Predictions on if wireless charging will dominate in 5 years and how this could intensify SEP licensing and litigation
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 John Sideris
Principal Licensing Counsel
Tim Pohlmann
CEO and Founder LexisNexis® IPlytics
Benno Bühler
Vice President
Charles River Associates
Panel Speaker-1
Willy Chang
Vice President Qi Program Management
Via LA